Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Three Chiropractic Procedures for Various Common Pains

by Vernon Foster

Many bone and muscle related pains are usually addressed as simply stress-related or can be alleviated by simple pain relief medication. When that pain in your lower back, knee, or neck will just not go away even after countless massages and pain relief medication, however, you probably need to see a chiropractor very quickly. Chiropractors specialize in the muscular and spinal system-related pains. They address the root cause of the pain more strategically and can be very successful when dealing with multiple pains. Not only athletes need a chiropractic visit every once in a while. Everybody can make several pains that they had succumbed to go away by a simple visit to the chiropractor. Here are three chiropractic procedures for the more common pains and aches.

Diversified technique

Here is a technique that can be used to tackle both back and leg pains. In some cases, the back pain and the pain in your leg muscles or joints is a result of a herniated lumbar disc in your spine. A fairly simplified procedure by a chiropractor, diversified technique involves thrusting your hand while encountering resistance from a blocking mechanism. You should ensure you see a good licensed chiropractor when in such pains to ensure you do not further damage your lumbar disc. In many cases, diversified technique results in instant snapping then pain relief from the affected regions.

Applied kinesiology

This is one of the more specific routines a chiropractor can use to alleviate muscle pains. Often commonly used with athletes, it is a process that specifically targets the painful muscle for adjustment. Here, the chiropractor specifically tests the muscle in misaligned bones, then, using pressure point massages, tries to restore normal muscle functioning. The procedure is useful in situations such as knee adjustments and other muscle related pains especially in the arms and legs.

Logan basic technique

Finally, the Logan basic technique can prove very useful when trying to tackle headaches, back pain, and other pains that are stress and spinal related. In the procedure, the chiropractor applies a sustained pressure at your spinal base. In the course of pressure application, the chiropractor guides some subtle movements in your spine that help to properly re-align the bones in your spine. The muscle tension of pain in your lower back or even your neck pain and headache progressively dissipates and ceases. This procedure is used with both children and adults because it is safe when done properly. There are several other techniques a chiropractor can use to help relieve everyday pains. Remember to always go to a professional for such processes.


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Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

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