Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Do You Want to Keep Fibroids Away? Don't Eat These 4 Things

by Vernon Foster

Fibroids are one of the notorious medical conditions affecting women in the world today. They are muscular tumours (growths) that develop on the inner or outer walls of the uterus. Thankfully, fibroid tumours are benign and have no cancerous traits. However, they are difficult to live with because of pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. If you have this condition, eating right is one of the prerequisites for successful treatment and recovery. Here are some foods and beverages that you must refrain from taking:

Caffeinated Drinks

You should avoid taking lots caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, cocoa and ice cream. One cup or glass should be enough for a day. Excessive caffeine levels overwork the liver and keep it from maintaining the right hormone levels in your body. In the end, you will experience regular hormonal imbalance with high amounts of oestrogen. This worsens the state of hormone-based medical conditions like fibroids. The lesser caffeine you take, the more your liver can focus on maintaining the rights hormone levels.

Conventional Dairy Products

It is also wise to avoid processed dairy products when dealing with fibroids. These products include yoghurts, processed cheese and butter blends among others. For manufacturers to make these products, they rely on chemical additives. These additives are not necessarily harmful to your body, but they can cause hormonal imbalance and encourage the development of fibroids.

Refined Sugars

Naturally, edible sugar exists in the form of sucrose, a combination of glucose and fructose. It is then processed to extract refined sugar, a process that leads to the loss of some nutrients and impurities. With fibroids, it is important to use refined sugar sparingly. It reduces the body's immunity, hormonal balance and leads to weight gain. All these factors encourage the growth of fibroid tumours.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol and alcohol-based products also undermine the recovery of patients with fibroids. Generally, alcohol causes inflammation of most body parts, meaning that the fibroids will only get bigger with every bottle of alcoholic beverage you take. Additionally, the liver is also involved in breaking down alcohol into water and other products. Lots of alcohol keeps your liver focused on detoxification of the system rather than balancing your hormones, worsening the fibroids with every drop of excess oestrogen that you produce. Lastly, alcohol lowers the immune functions of the body. Your tumours will continue to grow as your body's immune system weakens with every sip of alcoholic drinks.   

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Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

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