Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Over-the-Counter Medications That Every Store Could Benefit From

by Vernon Foster

When you're running a supermarket and trying to offer a broad selection of products, it's easy to overlook your health and beauty section. One area where you may fall short is over-the-counter medications. By aiming for private label pharmaceutical products, you can broaden your store's appeal and make over-the-counter medications more affordable for those who shop there.


As one of the most popular over-the-counter pain medications out there, paracetamol is appropriate for lots of different ages. Adding a private label pharmaceutical version to your store gives your customers the chance to treat common conditions such as headaches, sprains, and mild abdominal pain. Unlike Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen, paracetamol is available to those with asthma and chronic kidney disease. When you offer it in both liquid and tablet form, everyone from babies through to older members of society can buy it from your store.


Although paracetamol is an effective form of over-the-counter pain relief, your customers may seek NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, for lots of reasons. One of the main ones is that ibuprofen acts as a cox-2 inhibitor, which means it's especially effective at tackling the prostaglandins that cause painful inflammation. People may want to use it for injuries such as sprains and strains or when they're recovering from certain types of surgery. Much like when you stock paracetamol, make sure you choose formats that cater to lots of different ages.


When hayfever season rolls around, life becomes pretty miserable for those who suffer from pollen-related allergies. Additionally, mild bouts of itching sparked by bites from bugs such as horseflies can make it difficult to enjoy the summer. Private label pharmaceutical products, such as antihistamines, are often purchased on an ad-hoc basis when sudden bouts of itching and sneezing arise. If your customers become aware that they can buy a low-cost version that works just as well as branded products, they may feel more likely to use your store over competitor stores.


For those who want to prepare for eventualities, such as a suspected heart attack, aspirin is excellent for more than just tackling headaches. If you choose to add it to your store, consider a mixture of low-dose and standard-dose packets. Those who add it to their first aid kits will usually aim for 300mg tablets whereas those who want to use it for alleviating headaches might appreciate being able to access 100mg doses. 


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Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

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