Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

  • Why Might You See an Obstetrician in Your First Trimester?

    There are three periods of time that normal pregnancies are broken down into, each known as a trimester. The first of these runs from the period of conception up until three months. Although it is common to see an obstetrician — a specialist in gynaecology and pregnancy — in the other two trimesters, some mothers-to-be are referred to one sooner. If so, then there is nothing undue to worry about. Indeed, some obstetric advice is given even before pregnancy begins in some cases, usually when there are known complications that becoming pregnant might involve for the individual concerned.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Cataracts

    Being diagnosed with cataracts, or worrying that you might have cataracts, can be distressing, especially if you don't know much about this common condition. This brief guide aims to explain the condition in more detail, from the symptoms through to the treatment. What Are Cataracts? Cataracts are very, very common, with around 700,000 Australians suffering from them at any given time, according to Medibank. Cataracts is simply the name for the clouding of the eye, caused by a build-up of protein in the lens of the eye.

  • Why Men Shouldn't Procrastinate When It Comes to their Health

    Most people would rather maintain an arm's length relationship with their doctor as they associate this individual with bad news. Men, in particular, tend to think that they are bullet-proof anyway and don't want to bother the doctor with any trivial issues. Yet there are many reasons why a man should schedule a regular check as they get older and why they should plan a visit to a medical clinic.

  • A Guide to Treating Varicose Veins With Foam Sclerotherapy

    A lot of people who have varicose veins (i.e. swollen, enlarged veins) choose to undergo a procedure called 'foam sclerotherapy' to treat their condition. Read on to learn more about this treatment. What is involved in this procedure? This procedure involves injecting a foam into a person's vein. The foam is made up of a type of chemical called a sclerosant, which has been found to cause the tissue from which a vein is made to develop severe scarring and inflammation.

  • Over-the-Counter Medications That Every Store Could Benefit From

    When you're running a supermarket and trying to offer a broad selection of products, it's easy to overlook your health and beauty section. One area where you may fall short is over-the-counter medications. By aiming for private label pharmaceutical products, you can broaden your store's appeal and make over-the-counter medications more affordable for those who shop there. Paracetamol As one of the most popular over-the-counter pain medications out there, paracetamol is appropriate for lots of different ages.

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Dealing With Medical Emergencies and Conditions

Hello, my name is Peter and I live in Western Australia with my wife on our pet dogs. This is my blog which details how to deal with various medical emergencies and other conditions. Last year, several friends and members of my family suffered from various different kinds of medical problems. Some of them, such as my uncle had to be rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment that saved his life. Lots of my friends had minor problems which had a big impact on the quality of their lives. I take an active interest in first-aid and other medical matters so I decided to start this blog.